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Cross-country skiing ( Football and Mont Spinette )

Bike rental : Mont Spinette

or  Sports & Nature ( Malmedy ).

Hiking ( Dale of the Warche, of the Bayehon, of the Pouhon and the Réserve naturelle des Hautes Fagnes  )

Trail des Hautes Fagnes ( September )

So l' Warhé ( July - August:  info tourisme ) : Playing area for children (slide, swings, etc.… ). Bowls game track

Restaurants ( Aux Flo-raisons de Guy, Au P'tit Bonheur de la Cascade )

Bakery : Bayetto

Chez Remy ( Tavern and minimarket )



Dale of the Warche

Cross-country skiing at Mont Spinette



Charmille ( Natural Patrimony )






Decorations for end of year


Decorations for end of year






Fires of Saint Martin at Xhoffraix







Malmundarium (Carnival Museum, Paper Museum),

Cathédrale des Saints Pierre, Paul et Quirin (18è s.),

Home  Vinette .

Belvedere of the Bois de Lignemont. Hêtres de Préaix.

The promenades that will allow you to discover the city.

The swimming pool in open air.

February - March : carnaval "Le Cwarmé".

May: Festival of Flowers and Gardens.

June : Music Festival.

July : "La Vraie Fête" ( July 21st ), Elegance and traditions

carriage contest.

August : Giant omelette.

November : Fires of the St-Martin.

December : Christmas market and Skating rink.







Its Abbaye and its museums

( Historical museum of the principality of Stavelot-Malmedy,

Spa-Francorchamps racetrack museum and

Guillaume Apollinaire museum. )

Its carnival the Laetare .

                                    Val de Wanne ( dévalkart )




Stavelot and its Blanc Moussî     Blanc Moussî
City of Spa  Tower of Bérinzenne






The sources

The Thermes of Spa

The Francofolies in July

The domain of Bérinzenne

The airfield of Spa - Malchamps










Castle of Reinhardstein

Dévalkart, donkey riding and BMX

Alpine ski





Castle of Reinhardstein   Track for alpine skiing at Ovifat ( view from Xhoffraix )

Carnival of Eupen    Carnival of Eupen


The lakes


Lake of Robertville

Lake of Butgenbach

Lake of the Gileppe

Lake of Eupen









In order to preserve souvenir of the Batlle of the Ardennes, the museum Baugnez 44 Historical Center presents the last determining operations and battles that happened during the german offensive in 1944.





Loading demonstration



Fagne de Setay





Dale of Bayehon



Paragliding at Coo



Railbike of Hautes Fagnes


 On a rail bike, you will kick with family or friends, in a charming area through the Hautes Fagnes.




Donkey riding in Hockai

( Ânes-OK )





Donkey riding ( Hockai )       Anes-OK

Cascade of Coo




Promenade at Ninglinspo


The romantic valley of Ninglinspo. The start is at Nonceveux, le Ninglinspo is an affluent of the Amblève, 7,2 km romantic hiking along the river, miscellaneous cisterns or baths give a bit of spice to the hiking, Bain de Diane, Bain de la Loutre, Bain d'Hermès, Bain des Naïades, Bouillon de la Chaudière, Bain du Cerf and Bain de Vénus






The parks, the swimming pools and the playing areas



The Grottes de Remouchamps and the Monde Sauvage


The attraction park of Coo ( Plopsacoo )


Houtopia at Houffalize


The Ferme des Bisons at Recogne ( close to Bastogne )


The Mardasson ( close to Bastogne )


The park Chlorophylle


Le Labyrinthe  at Durbuy


Durbuy adventure


Blegny - Mine

- In the heart of Euregio, in the green area of the Land of Dalhem-Blegny, discover the authentical colliery of Blegny-Mine. The tour takes two hours and includes a video show : "la Pierre qui Brûle", the washing, the underground visit : descending with the extracting cage, discovering the galeries and an operation post, witnessing the usage of the machines and tools of the pit worker.


Covered playing areas :  Malmedy


The zoologic park of la Reid


The zoologic park of Aix-la-Chapelle


The swimming pools of Aquana,  Eupen,  Spa, Vielsalm

and Saint Vith





Le monde sauvage at Aywaille          Le monde sauvage at Aywaille


Attraction at Plopsacoo, bungee jumping in the other direction !!!


Mardasson      Mardasson


Battle of giant attic windows in Parc Chlorophylle

Game area in Parc Chlorophylle      Game area in Parc Chlorophylle



The great labyrinth in Durbuy     The labyrinth of the doors




The wolves at La Reid

La Reid      La Reid



Hot-air balloon over Xhoffraix




The Farm of the  Montgolfière






Look at pictures of our country home

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