Outside pictures


The front wall of our house in summer, something different amongst all pictures in winter.


Front wall of our house


The garden and the games

The garden may be shared with the owners.

There are a trampoline, a slide and swings

At the rear of the garden we have a small natural pond.

Warning, with young children in the garden the pond is a dangerous area. Risks for drowning, even in few centimeters of water, are real.


Frog in our natural pond


Its name is Filou



The Pacha of the house !!!

The cat of the house, it will not anymore come to tell you

 hello !!!


Squirrels come to pick up nuts in the garden


Sometimes we are visited by a curious !!!


MimetismThe Vulcan






Pictures taken in our garden, a small piece of paradise !!!




Sometimes, we may have beautiful cars under the terrasse of the habitation





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